Our Process

Our processes were developed between Accredited Staging Professional training, experience and consistent interaction with other stagers worldwide. Marketing is focused on Realtors, serving on local real estate association committees, attending all realtor events and sponsoring activities for the real estate community.

We'll help you from start to finish;

  • Realtor or Homeowner reaches out by phone, email, text and provides address of property
  • We then tour property to judge size and number of rooms, overall style of home and to determine how much inventory will be required
  • Prepare proposal for homeowner that shows the work to be done and cost. This includes selections, delivery, setup, styling, minimum of 2 months rental of furnishings and accessories, and destaging once the property closes.
  • After verbal acceptance, send an agreement to you to sign and provide charge information & set a date for staging and begin selecting furnishings for the project
  • Day before staging - Load up furnishings and accessories for delivery
  • Staging day - All Hands on Deck!

    • Team of 4 generally

  • Truck or trailer arrives and unload furniture

    • Unload and begin unpacking bins
    • Artwork, rugs, lamps unloaded
    • Accessory bins unloaded and stager begins placing around

  • Furniture is set up and in place
  • After everything is unloaded, stager works to set up best, place accessories and hang artwork

    • Usually completed in 4-6 hours

  • Realtor coordinates photographs with professional photographer
  • Goes live and usually sells in less than a week
  • Closing date is noted and destage is scheduled for 1-2 days prior to closing

1. Specifics brands and products

  • Stageforce - Inventory management system. Items are tagged with an RFID tag and entered into system with photograph and description. On site, an RFID gun is used to account for all items used at the location. Aids in selection of items and managing locations where inventory is housed.
  • Intuit - Billing and expense management
  • Various wholesale vendors - Purchasing furniture and accessories used in staging.
  • Local furniture companies
  • Habitat Restore, Haven House and other thrift stores - Amazing bargains and unique furnishings and accessories that give personal style

2. What sets us apart?

  • All stagers are trained with Accredited Staging Professional designations.
  • Award-winning company with numerous international awards
  • Provide unique style based on careful selection of furniture and accessories to fit a Coastal Modern aesthetic
  • In addition to being a Home Staging Professional, Carl Dismukes is also a realtor, so he understands what the realtor and homeowner go through. We do our best to meet the needs of the market and understand when things don't go according to plan.